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5 Ways To Save At The Pump

Save At The Pump


With gas prices at record highs, you may feel helpless about the cost to fill up your vehicles. Here are several ways to save yourself some money at the pump.

Travel Strategically

Plan ahead and combine errands to reduce the amount of fuel you use. While driving, be conscientious and avoid aggressive acceleration and braking. Consider public transportation and carpooling with friends.

Find Less Expensive Gas Online Or With Apps

Apps and websites like GasBuddyGoogle Maps, and AAA can make it easier for you to find cheaper gas prices in your area or on the road. 

Cash In On Fuel Rewards Programs

Most of the major gas companies have fuel rewards programs. Compare and pick one or two that will save you the most cash. Grocery stores like Safeway also offer gas rewards to their customers.

Pay Cash, Not Credit At The Pump

Most of us use our credit cards or mobile pay for most things we purchase. However, you can save 5 – 10 cents per gallon at the pump at many gas stations which offer discounts for cash purchases. Over time the savings will add up.

Use A Credit Card To Earn Cash Back

Many credit card companies cash back deals on gas purchases. Cards differ, but you can generally earn 2% – 5% cash back for buying gas. See Next Advisor’s list of the best cash back cards here:




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