Yet another reason to become a Nonprofit Partner at Summit State Bank. Our Nonprofit Partners are invited to join us for an invitation only North Bay Nonprofit Event.

We are fortunate to have had several Nonprofit Experts join us to share valuable information that is important to our nonprofit commumity.

Guest speakers for 2022 included:

Linda Jacobs - Chief Executive Officer, Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership

Tom Hayashi - Chief Capacity Building Officer, Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership

PIVOT, TURN, & LEAD - Capacity building in times of uncertainty and opportunity

Jan Masaoka - Chief Executive Officer of the California Association of Nonprofits, CalNonprofits

If You're Only Going to Know Five Laws, These Might Be the Right Five

Aaron Lucey - Chief Risk Officer & Information Security Officer, Summit State Bank

Cyber-Security: Are You Prepared?

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presenters speaking at nbne 2022


If you are not a Summit State Bank Nonprofit Partner and would like more information, please click here for an overview of our Nonprofit Partner Program.